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Thanks for visiting my web page. You can go directly to the thumbnails to view new and used spinet pianos, console pianos, studio pianos and baby grand pianos. Picture one of them in your home. Imagine the excitement and joy when you bring the gift of music to your family.

About Us
They call me Pianoman John. Click here for a picture of me. I help people get or give the opportunity to play and enjoy music. My pianos are in top condition, tuned, and ready for your enjoyment. They range in price so you can stay within your budget. You can start inexpensively, then upgrade later with a full price trade-in allowance. And yes, I can deliver!

Moving, Tuning, Inspection and Repair Services
Purchasing someone else's used piano? Call me to move and tune it for you. Better yet--let me inspect it for you first. After all, do you know how to spot hidden internal defects like a defective pin block that makes the piano un-tunable? If you decide not to buy it after inspection you would owe me $75 for time and gas. But if I can move it and tune it immediately after inspection then the inspection is free! I buy only 3 of every 5 pianos I look at. The other 2 have internal killer defects. Someone else will buy those defective ones...don't let it be you! Buy it conditional upon my inspection and protect yourself.

Is your piano broke? Maybe I can fix it and save you the expense of a new piano. Want to sell or trade your piano? You bet, I'm interested. Got general or technical questions about pianos? Feel free to email me or call me. I will be pleased to help if I can.
Payment Options
Cash or check works just fine, however I do not take credit cards.
I am located in the Columbus area, and serve much of central Ohio.
Contact Information
Please contact me with any questions, comments, or to get directions.
Phone: (740) 202 - 0699 (call or text)
Our Inventory
We usually have many new, used, and restored pianos in stock. Click here to view our inventory online or come in and see them in person.